Posted in: Kids Posted on: Jun 22nd, 2015

Living in the Jefferson County School District

Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) is the largest school district in the State of Kentucky, with more than 99,000 K-12 students attending its 155 schools. The district employs approximately 13,600 full-time employees and 5,800 teachers, and emphasizes the importance of receiving an education tailored to each individual student. If you’re a parent thinking about moving to Kentucky, living in apartments in the Jefferson County School District provides your child with a number of opportunities to prosper academically and socially

Elementary Schools

Jefferson County elementary schools help to build a solid academic foundation for students by focusing on the essentials: reading, writing, math, science and social studies, in addition to other complementary courses, including the arts, physical fitness, foreign languages, and technology. Experienced, certified, award-winning educators take an individualized approach to instruction that will help to prepare students for middle school and beyond, and the schools provide before and after school care for students. In addition to traditional elementary schools, JCPS also offer magnet schools that suit a student’s individual needs and learning style, like a Montessori school or a specialized program that allows the student to focus on a particular area of study, like technology or the performing arts.

Middle Schools

Just like its elementary schools, the JCPS network of middle schools allows parents and children to pick the right school for them by offering a host of magnet and optional programs that allow students to explore new areas of academia. Students are encouraged to think about their future and can take advantage of college and career preparation programs. Skilled teachers, access to innovative education technology, as well as the ability to participate in a range of extracurricular activities, including sports teams, music programs and community service opportunities, are the perfect complements to a student’s educational experience. JCPS middle schools also offer before and after school childcare for students up to 14 years old.

High Schools

JCPS high schools also present students with a variety of options; students can enroll in a 5-Star School, a school outside of their “network,” or a magnet school. 5-Star Schools are organized in three different geographic networks and offer courses in one of five professional career themes that provide advanced college and career preparation. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including art labs, studios, workshops, and rehearsal spaces. Some JCPS high schools even have student-run businesses. JCPS partners with local businesses, community organizations, and educational institutions to help students gain professional experience through job shadowing, mentorships, co-ops, and internships. It’s this hands-on approach to learning that allows students to take on real-world projects in and out of the traditional classroom.

A student doesn’t necessarily have to attend high school in his or her prescribed network. Incoming JCPS freshmen have the option to apply to any school outside of their network, although transportation may or may not be provided. A student is also welcome to enroll in a magnet high school to concentrate on an area of particular interest, like the performing arts.