Posted in: University Posted on: May 18th, 2016

How to Unwind After a Study Session at Bellarmine University

Photo Credit: Public Domain

When you finally finish studying and the busy day slips away, resist the urge to snooze. This is your chance to check out the things to do near Bellarmine University. Whether you want to grab a drink or just listen to some live tunes, there’s always something going on near you. Here are a few spots you should check out this weekend.

Live Music

An evening of live music is a wonderful way to relax away from the books for an evening, and for more than two decades, the Hideaway Saloon has been one of Louisville’s most popular concert venues. It showcases a variety of performers from around the world. The Hideaway also offers free pool nights, happy hour drink specials, game evenings, and more. The friendly atmosphere brings locals back again and again, and after visiting, you might just become a regular yourself.


A brewpub is just the spot for those who enjoy a warm, intimate setting. Plus, it’s always a treat to try small-batch brews made with imagination and creativity. If hand-crafted beer is your thing, the Great Flood Brewing Company could be your new favorite hangout. This corner building at Douglass & Bardstown served as a refuge center and supply base during the Great Flood of 1937, and the present-day taproom maintains some of that historic charm, even with its contemporary decor. But most importantly, the Great Flood Brewing Company pours house-brewed beers such as the Tribulation, the Double Eclipse, and the Defiant IPA.


Nothing relieves stress quite like authentic laughter, and a comedy club is just the place to find the chuckles. The Laughing Derby always has top-notch comedy and musical talent. Some of the nation’s best-known comedians appear right alongside up-and-coming performers at this highly regarded club. The venue is open to those 18 years of age and older, so it’s a great place for freshman and seniors alike. Tickets can be purchased online at discounted prices.

Dinner Theater

Dinner theater is a unique experience. While you eat, you also engage with the actors playing their roles right around you. Everyone should try it at least once, and you can at The Bard’s Town.

The Bard’s Town is not your grandparents’ dinner theater. Shakespearean-themed menus bring a bit of fun to the dining experience, and the resident ensemble produces new works, including plays sourced from around the globe. The Bard’s Town also hosts 12 other theater companies, so you can watch 42 weeks’ worth of plays each year.

In addition to theater troupes, touring and resident comics mix up the entertainment schedule here. The resident weekly “The Young, Dumb, and Full of Comedy Show” is always good for an evening full of belly laughs, as are improv shows and roasts. Eclectic local bands and performers often take the stage here, too.

Remember, these venues represent just a small cross-section of the hotspots near you. Louisville has a vibrant entertainment scene with great restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs, so take full advantage of the time you spend here not in class.