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4 Stunning Parks Near Louisville

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Louisville’s marvelous parkways are perhaps one of the best parts of living in the city. There are over 120 parks in Louisville, many of which were designed by the esteemed landscaper Frederick Law Olmstead, the same man credited with the creation of New York’s Central Park. Although certainly appreciated, the sheer number of parks that can be experienced when living in Louisville can be somewhat intimidating for newcomers. That is why we put a list together of some of the best parks and green spaces in the area.

Scenic Views and Excellent Amenities: Cherokee Park

Cherokee Park consistently ranks among the 50 most frequented parks in the United States. This should come as no surprise to those who have visited the park and witnessed its many magnificent views and excellent amenities first hand. Consider the 2.4 mile scenic hiking trail, for example, which is perfect for exercising or simply enjoying nature. The fenced-in dog park is another example of Cherokee’s stellar amenities, as is the large, grassy “Frisbee Field” that is used for recreational sports of all kinds.

Panoramic Views: Iroquois Park

Iroquois Park is known for its fantastic panoramic views of the city, as well as an onsite open-air amphitheater that houses many free productions. If you want to explore the park without leaving the comfort of your car, then you can simply take Uppill Road to access the breathtaking views by vehicle. Keep in mind that this road is not open during the winter season, so those who want to make the most of Iroquois during the colder months should travel by foot or by bike.

Outdoor Activities: E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park

E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park is the primary destination for those who enjoy physically intense outdoor activities. The park contains one of the highest ranked BMX tracks in the United States, making it great for cyclists. On top of this, the park also contains an Olympic-size pool, which is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Another excellent feature of E.P Tom Sawyer State Park is the activities center that houses a gymnasium, as well as indoor badminton and basketball courts.

Historical Park: Central Park

Central Park is in the heart of Old Louisville right across from the famous St. James Court. The park’s location makes for a perfect day of exploration through both the old streets and this gorgeous green space. Central Park is also the site of the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival, a summer festival that draws crowds from all over the state to enjoy classic productions of some of the best Shakespearean plays.