Posted in: University Posted on: Aug 24th, 2015

3 Affordable Dining Options for Off-Campus Students

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Students at the University of Louisville have a lot of expenses to stay on top of while completing their studies. Between tuition payments, textbooks, and housing costs, the bills can definitely add up. So it’s understandable that students would be interested in keeping costs down when looking for quality dining options in town. The good news is that there are a wide variety of options available right in Louisville! There are plenty of budget friendly restaurants near the University of Louisville that have made it a priority to offer tasty and quality food at an economical price. Take a look at some of the following options to see which ones may be right for you.


Fortunately, there are many great choices for eating that you can visit without even leaving the campus! The Cardinal Burger Company can be found in the Student Activities Center. Their burgers are made with beef that is pasture raised without added antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. It is also 100% Kentucky beef! The activities center is also home to Jazzman’s Café & Bakery, a very convenient place on campus to score delicious coffee and baked items, along with fresh smoothies and yogurt! Students also have the option of choosing Zime in the student recreational center. Zime is a modern bakery and café that offers fair trade coffee, organic teas, soups, flatbread sandwiches, and fresh baked treats.


Being mindful of your spending while dining out does not mean that you should deny yourself cultural opportunities! There are plenty of restaurant owners in Louisville that offer exciting choices that will not break the bank. DakShin offers an authentic Indian experience for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Patrons may choose to dine in or ask for delivery. Havana Rumba is available to provide a Cuban cuisine experience. The chefs begin working at dawn every day to prepare quality meals with generous portions. Another popular choice is Vietnam Kitchen, a restaurant that specializes in authentic Vietnamese cuisine. They offer an interesting variety of rice and Vermicelli noodle dishes, and they also have vegetarian options.


Many university students would not be able to stay on top of their busy schedules without convenient access to quality coffee! Fortunately, there are quite a few options for excellent java in Louisville. Heine Brothers Fair Trade Coffee has 13 locations in Louisville, so there is always a nearby location. They offer high quality products and even have an app you can download to track your purchases to earn rewards. Sunergos Coffee has three locations in town. You can order a cup and enjoy it in their relaxing café setting, or you can buy coffee wholesale. Quills Coffee also has two locations in Louisville, including a location on the university campus. Quills offers high quality coffee with a staff that is happy to help you choose the absolute perfect beverage.

Students at the University of Louisville are fortunate to have a wide spectrum of eating establishments to choose from that will respect their budget concerns. Give some of these restaurants and cafés a try and see which ones end up becoming your favorite!